Our Concerns

Our Concerns

True godliness don’t turn men out of the world, but enables them to live better in it and excites their endeavours to mend it…
William Penn, 1682, Quaker Faith and Practice 23.02

Quakers are committed to the right sharing of the world’s resources. Our meeting supports a number of projects – spiritually and financially.

Quaker Bolivia Link – QBL

We love and support this charity, founded in 1995. One of our members went on study tours in 1999 and 2000, returned with the news of the wonderful achievements of QBL in micro development projects. We subsequently committed to supporting two water projects which brought clean drinking water and irrigation to two villages in the Bolivian Altiplano.

Victoria of Hammersmith greets Victoria of the Altiplano: A dry grassland plain with mountains in the distance. There is also a Peruvian girl present.  The Peruvians are wearing hats that look like bowler hats except that the brims are set slightly dowards.

Victoria of Hammersmith greets Victoria of the Altiplano

Achocalla Greenhouses: Two Peruvian women in local costume hand processing some green leafy vegetables that are about two-feet-long.  They look a bit like overgrown lettuces stuck on top of large leeks.

Achocalla Greenhouses


Quaker Bolivia Education Fund – BQEF

BQEF was inspired by a Quaker Bolivia Link visit to Bolivia by Newton Garver, one of the founders of the now international, Alternative to Violence Programme. Part of BQEF’s mission is to raise scholarships for further education qualifications and university studies for members of the indigenous Aymara community of Quakers in Bolivia. Hammersmith and London West Area meeting have supported scholarships for six Quaker students to pursue higher education from 2008 to the present. In 2012 Hammersmith not only continued to support these scholarships for a further three years, but decided to fund it own scholarship student.

Fundraising lunch for Roger our scholarship student: The Meeting Room. Four women and two men of a range of ages sitting at a table with plates.

Fundraising lunch for Roger our scholarship student

Fundraising lunch for Roger our scholarship student: The Meeting Room. Four youngish men and two youngish women.  Some of them are the children of Scottie and Paul, and Alison and Charles.  They are holding up a two feet by seven feet banner that has HOLA ROGER written on it. It also has a green heart symbol.

Fundraising lunch for Roger our scholarship student

Growing Together: Rwanda Sack Gardens

We support this project initiated by our friend, Elizabeth Cave of Ealing Quaker Meeting, following her trip to Rwanda in the aftermath of the genocide. A keen allotment gardener, Elizabeth used her knowledge of soil and compost to encourage the communities she visited to create sack gardens to grow nutritious vegetables. View our young people making their own sack garden


As part of our community concern, we support the Trussel Trust initiative by collecting and donating non-perishable food items and help in supermarket collections.

Twinning Toilets

Toilet Twinning, a Cord – Tearfund partnership charity, works to provide loos, clean water and hygiene education in a growing number of developing countries. Hammersmith Children’s meeting prepared a delicious lunch in April 2013 to raise funds towards twinning our three loos. We raised £340 for four loos in Nepal, Ethiopia, Burundi and Uganda.