“Rejoice in the presence of children and young people in your meeting and recognise the gifts they bring”
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We have an active children’s meeting at Hammersmith, facilitated by a regular group of adults. We base our sessions around a different theme each term. In the past this has included Quaker history, the life of our meeting and stories from the Bible.

Weeding the children's garden: a dark-haired woman with rimless glasses and a fair-haired boy both crouch down to tend to a one foot-tall leafy plant.  It might be maize.  They are both smiling at the camera.  In the background there may the burdened, lower branches of an apple tree.

Weeding the children’s garden

The children and young people share their sessions with the adult meeting after worship. They have also cooked meals to raise money for charity, made gifts for members of the meeting and decorated the meeting room for Easter to share their worship.

In addition to work on our vegetable garden, our summer theme is CHOCOLATE! We are studying the history of the Quaker Cadburys, their Bournville workers’ community and the current Fair Trade initiative. We are also making and eating lots of chocolate goodies.

Children eat their chocolate and fruit fondue.  A woman in her sixties with a grey bob. The boy from the photo above and a second boy who is about three years younger that the first. In front of them is a table with several bowls. In one is liquid chocolate. In the others are different types of fruit, such as cherries. The kids look happy. Superimposed on the left hand side are three long-gone wrappers of types of Cadbury's chocolate.

Children eat their chocolate and fruit fondue

Children’s meeting sessions take place every Sunday at 11am, including during school holidays, and the children and young people join the adult meeting for the last 10 minutes of worship.

If you would like further information about the children’s sessions please contact Ellen Marshall (convenor of children’s committee) on 0208 568 0657 or send an email.


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